Welcome to the TODOS WikiEdit

Hi and welcome to the Wiki for Tromso Doctoral Students (TODOS). We are an interest organization that works on improving the welfare of the PhD students at the University of Tromso.

This wiki contains practical information you can use in your everyday work and social life.

It is far from complete and many things can be added. If you know practical tips you want to share with your fellow PhD students, here is the place!

The hitchikers (PhD students) guide to the galaxy (UiT)Edit

This wiki contains informations that makes the daily life of PhD students easier.

Whom do I have to call to print a poster?

I have to teach five classes in next semester, is this even legal?

I heard that there are courses on teaching for the UiT staff, where do I find these?

In this wiki these, and all the other things you were not told are written down.

Pages in this wikiEdit

Going to a conferenceIT services
New in TromsøPoster boardsRepresentatives
ToDoS WikiWhere do I find information about...

Latest activityEdit

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