Temporary employee representatives at UiTEdit

Legal decisions at the University are decided on at the boards of the different faculties and institutes. The highest organ in the University is the University Board . PhD candidates and PostDocs are represented by the representative for Temporary Employees. Elections are every four years and you have the right to vote your representative for this board.

Each Faculty and each Department also has a board. PhD candidates and PostDocs are here also represented by a representative for Temporary Employees. There are annual elections and you have the right to vote.

Representatives on the faculty BoardsEdit

Faculty Name Position eMail
Health Sciences Laila A. Hopstock Representative
Kirsti I. Kuosa Deputy
Law Jussi Pedersen Representative
Randi Sigurdsen Deputy
Fine Arts
Bioscience, Fishery and Economics Ingrid Skjæveland Representative
Jo Jorem Aarseth Deputy
Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Christine Smith-Simonsen Representative
Hilde Sollid Deputy
Science and Technology

Representatives on the institute BoardsEdit

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