This page contains information for everyone who just moved to Tromsø. It is meant as a guide on where to find what in the Paris of the North.

The BussesEdit

Tromsø has a pretty good network of bus routes. A map showing all the routes can be found here.

Tickets can be bought on the bus, but if you want a card, so you can pay by the month or buy more than one trip at a time, here is what you do:

1) I want to use the card as a "debit card" and pay for each trip. It's 25% cheaper than buying the ticket in cash.

You can buy the card in one of these places: WITO-kiosken, Narvesen UNN, MIX-kiosken at UiT, MIX-kiosken at AMFI Pyramiden, MIX-kiosken at AMFI Veita or the Info booth at Jekta Storsenter. You also fill the card up with money in these places (not on the bus).

2) I want to buy a pass for 14, 30, 90 or 180 days. If you travel by bus every day this if the cheapest option.

You have to visit Trafikktriangelen to get the card, it has to have your picture on it. When you have the card you can buy the pass in one of the places mentioned under point 1 (or at Trafikktriangelen, of course).

Now you are ready, almost. The bus stations downtown can be pretty confusing. Here is a helpful map.

Notice that some of the streets are colored red, some green and some blue. The red color means that the buses stopping here are on their way across the bridge to Tromsdalen. The green color means that the buses stopping here are staying on the island. The blue color means they are headed for the airport and then off the island across the other bridge to Kvaløya.

Second Hand marketplaceEdit

A good place to start looking are the internet sites and Another place to look is, the market place of the university. There is also a facebook group Selges \ Byttes eller Ønskes kjøpt i Tromsø området (selling, exchanging, wanted), it is in Norwegian though. Posting there in English should not be a problem though. Bytteringen is another Facebook group for exchange of stuff as well as favours (no money).

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