The university offers its employees many IT services. Below you find a list which these are and how to set them up.

If you have technical problems with your computer please contact Orakel IT supportEdit

Eduroam wireless networkEdit

Across the University you can connect to the wireless network eduroam. You can connect to eduroam with your university account. Use as your user and the corresponding password.

Personal Space on the University ServerEdit

If your computer runs Windows, you should have a Drive H: with 5GB of free space for your personal data. This data is stored on the network, and backed up. You can also access it from outside the university.

Virtual Private NetworkEdit

You can connect your computer to the University Network by opening the webpage . This allows you to access the files you have stored on your network drive, to access the Journals that the University Library has subscribed to and to book rooms.

Personal website / bloggEdit

To set up your personal blog, visit and follow the instructions on the website. The blog uses wordpress and is very simple to use.

There is also the possibility of setting up a website from scratch. You can contact orakel ( and request space on . A webserver is running on this machine and you can put your html files in your home directory there. There is are no scripting languages as PHP, perl or ruby installed and neither are SQL databases. But you can mount the directory via webdav.

Mailing listsEdit

It is possible to create mailing lists. For this send an email to orakel where you should also mention that the mailing list exists outside iKnowledgeBase (the content management system of the Universitites website). The mailing lists are hosted on .

Printing a posterEdit

Jan Petter Holm, who is an engineer at the Geology department (Naturfagbygget), can print your poster.

It costs 500 kr to print an A0 poster on regular paper and 800 kr for shiny paper. You can pick it up or have it sent to you in a cardboard container (an extra 20 kr). You will get a bill to pay for the printing.

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